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Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions of the shoulder with acupuncture - Part 1

This online course offers an in-depth look at the anatomy, structure, function, disorders and treatment of the shoulder. A database of videos are provided for clinical reference which provides participants a comprehensive understanding for treating the shoulder with acupuncture.

course outcomes

Course Outcomes


After having completed this course, participants will gain:

  • a comprehensive understanding of the anatomy of the shoulder

  • an understanding of how to needle all of the main muscles associated with the shoulder joint

  • an understanding of the clinical examinations that may help develop a

    differential diagnosis prior to referral

  • an understanding of various clinical pathologies of the shoulder and how

    to treat these with acupuncture when presented with an existing diagnosis

Current available content:

  • Comprehensive overview of the anatomy of the shoulder

  • How to effectively and safely needle:

    • Biceps Brachii​

    • Deltoid

    • Infraspinatus

    • Pectoralis Major & Minor

    • Supraspinatus

    • Teres Major

    • Triceps Brachii

    • Subscapularis

This course is currently under construction with more content added soon.

***This course content is advised to be applied to clinical practice only by registered acupuncturists or students and practitioners with a level of skills competency required to perform these needling techniques. For practitioners and students of all other modalities, this information is considered for general educational purposes only.***

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