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Modern Integrated Acupuncture Education for Students and Practitioners


On Point Pro is an online community for students, practitioners and enthusiasts in the field of healthcare seeking to improve their understanding and practice of contemporary acupuncture.


Here we focus on teaching Modern Integrated Acupuncture - a discipline that seeks to explain the mysteries of the past through the mastery of modern science, anatomy and physiology.

Make On Point Pro your new source of acupuncture Continued Professional Development/ Education (CPD/ CPE).

On Point Pro members have access to an ever-expanding library of acupuncture-related topics including lectures, practical demonstrations, illustrations, notes and theory.


Utilise On Point Pro as a comprehensive reference in your studies as a student, for CPD/ CPE points as a practitioner, or simply to expand your knowledge of this fantastic form of medicine.



How WE Can Help You

We offer affordable online acupuncture education on a subscription basis at a very competitive price. For just $14.99 USD (approx. $21.50 AUD *) per month, you gain access to hours of high definition video demonstrations and lectures, written theory and visual media developed by Dr Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist) to help build your knowledge of acupuncture and its application to the human body.

That's about the price of a coffee a week for unlimited access to premium acupuncture education.

Accessible on desktop or as an app, On Point Pro gives you convenient and comprehensive acupuncture education available across all of your devices.

* Exact prices may vary subject to currency exchange rate and international transaction fees.

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Along with our progressive approach to teaching acupuncture, we believe that your access to knowledge should not be restricted to single courses with limited access. So as a member of On Point Pro, you will have unlimited access to a library of acupuncture education to use as a study reference, clinical aid or for general interest.

Content is delivered via video lectures, written work and original illustrations by the course creator Dr Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist) providing you with a comprehensive source of information that you can use as a clinic reference, student study guide or for CPD/ CPE points. A certificate of completion for each course is also available upon request *.

* Certificates of completion incur an administration fee of $14.99USD or $21.50 AUD.



At On Point Pro we believe that acupuncture is a medicine for the modern era and the future. No matter the style by which it is delivered, the application of the filiform needle has found its way beyond the grasp of the acupuncturist and into the toolkit of healthcare practitioners from physiotherapists to general practitioners across the world.

This means that now more than ever a greater number of healthcare practitioners from a vast array of disciplines have the ability to offer some form of needling therapy. Whether is comes in the form of traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean style acupuncture, dry or trigger point needling, what is important to us is that the patient receives the safest treatment and gains the most effective results possible.

We believe that the benefits of acupuncture are so important that it should be made more readily available to patients in need of healthcare. Yet with so many styles, theories and rationales to choose from, there is often disagreement as to the efficacy and legitimacy of any one particular style. This is why we aim to offer a neutral perspective approach to acupuncture based on the principles of anatomy and physiology and the results of research and clinical trials.

We invite practitioners of all modalities and people of all interests to share in learning about this amazing form of medicine! Read our Mission and Vision to find out more.

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✔ Acupuncturists

✔ Physiotherapists

✔ Medical Practitioners

✔ Myotherapists

✔ Massage Therapists

✔ Dermal Therapists

✔ Students & Practitioners

✔ The general public

✔ Anyone with an interest in acupuncture...

WHAT's included

✔ Exclusive access to a comprehensive library of acupuncture education

✔ Exclusive access to a growing community of health practitioners and students from various fields

✔ Learn about the anatomical and physiological basis of acupuncture

✔ Ongoing online support and feedback

✔ CPD/ CPE Points

✔ 3 day FREE trial

✔ Cancel any time


about the creator

Dr Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist)

completed his degree in 2015 at Endeavour College of Natural Health where he graduated with distinction and was awarded the medal of academic excellence for highest achievement Australia-wide for acupuncture.


With 5 years clinical experience, his love of learning about acupuncture, anatomy and physiology has inspired him to share his knowledge through education for both students and fellow practitioners.

Dr Chris currently teaches at Endeavour College and owns and runs an acupuncture practice in Sherwood, Brisbane.

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