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Kick-Start Your Clinic!

4 hours CPD/ CPE - Professional issues

'The Acupuncturist's Guide to Setting Up Business' - While directed towards acupuncture graduates, practitioners and students, this course would benefit people from all modalities whether you are still studying, just starting your practice or have already been treating for some time.

course outcomes

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Course Outline

Whether you are at the very start of your business journey or are a seasoned traveller looking to add a few levels to your skill set, Kick-Start Your Clinic! provides you with powerful tools and invaluable advice on how to get your new clinic off the ground, or help boost the one you already have in operation. In this fully online course, Dr Chris Fehres (registered acupuncturist) provides a detailed breakdown of his progression from graduate practitioner to running a successful acupuncture clinic. He’ll show you everything that has worked for him as well as some of the things that you may want to avoid.

Here are just some of the things you will learn:

  • detailed information about clinic operations;

  • how to establish an online presence and digital marketing tips;

  • mindset coaching techniques on how to approach setting up a business either from scratch or boosting the one you already have; and

  • how to tie it all in to generate a flow of new patients with a high retention rate.

And much more!


This is a great course for new graduates and seasoned practitioners alike. For new graduates, it will provide you a compass to help you negotiate your way on the very start of your journey, and for the seasoned practitioner, this is a great way to revitalise your business approach and elevate your patient numbers up to the next level. Whether you’re running your own business or working in a multimodality clinic alongside other practitioners, implement these techniques and strategies correctly and the outcomes you will receive from investing in this course will benefit you for years to come.


This course has as much information packed into it as possible for a 4 hour course and covers your professional issues CPD/ CPE points for the entire year!


Course Format


Partly video (45 minutes), mostly written course work (3 hours 15 minutes), 4 hours in total.

Course Outcomes


Kickstart Your Clinic! will provide you with:

  • The skills required to help establish your acupuncture practice and build it to a sustainable working clinic from scratch

  • ***For seasoned practitioners, it will help you to raise your practice to the next level by increasing patient intakes and retention***

  • Downloadable clinic operations resources including intake forms, patient file forms, and price guides based on industry averages

  • How to talk to your patients about the right treatment plan for them, how to have confidence with rebooking and tips to make your clinic's first impressions last

  • How to confidently communicate with patients to improve overall practitioner/ patient interaction including comprehensive scripts outlining treatment processes

  • Tips on follow-up calls, patient reactivations and referrals, and the deal about discounts

  • The knowledge to effectively advertise and run your clinic with brief overviews of Google My Business, Google Adwords and social media

  • Advice on free online clinic booking software and the benefits of a digital newsletter

  • An understanding of mindset techniques to help build a successful practice by defining your Purpose, Potential and Power and tips on how to bring your visions to fruition

  • Knowledge about how to deal with the fear of failure as well as the fear of success

  • Strategies to develop the 'why' behind your business

  • An understanding of core beliefs surrounding financial abundance and why your own limiting beliefs may be holding you back

  • Ideas about how to get yourself known in your local community and effective ways to get new patients through your door

  • First-hand experience of Dr Chris' story about how he went from graduating with absolutely no business experience, no capital, and no patients or location to running a successful and sustainable home clinic

  • How to successfully bring all of this together in your practice and prevent yourself from burning out before you even get off the ground

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