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Offers a contemporary perspective on the acupuncture channels, points and the mechanism of Qi through a neurophysiological explanation of acupuncture mechanisms.

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Offers an introductory look at the application of acupuncture for cosmetic use by maintaining elasticity and vitality of the skin and treating two commonly occurring skin conditions.

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Whether you are at the very start of your business journey or are a seasoned traveller looking to add a few levels to your skill set, Kick-Start Your Clinic! provides you with powerful tools and invaluable advice on how to get your new clinic off the ground, or help boost the one you already have in operation.


Offers an in-depth look at how indirectly stimulating the vagus nerve with common acupuncture points can help to relieve local and systemic conditions such as digestive disorders, stress and anxiety, inflammatory conditions etc.

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Offers an in-depth look at the various point types across the various needling techniques and disciplines. Acupuncture points, ah shi points, trigger points and motor points are compared and contrasted with the use of current research, anatomical references and the traditional Chinese approach.

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Offers an in-depth look at the anatomy, structure, function, disorders and treatment of the shoulder.

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